What do you think when you hear the name, Karnataka? Jog Falls, some amazing wildlife sanctuaries and beaches would have been the first thing that would have come to your head. But here’s the thing. Karnataka is not limited to just that. Karnataka is home to a town named Dandeli which actually is one of the hidden gems in India and the untouched natural beauty is what makes Dandeli look even more beautiful. Go to Dandeli for your weekend getaway next time and spot some bison, black panthers or hornbills or maybe just plan your stay at any of these homestays in Dandeli and just spend some leisure time. Winter is the best season to visit this Western town. The months of October to February bring in a pleasant visit. However, Dandeli can also be visited during summers as it offers a moderate climate throughout. It is advisable not to visit during monsoon season. For people who don't want to spend a lot on lodging, Dandeli offers many inexpensive homestays. There are homestays in Dandeli to suit every budget. These lodging options offer all the amenities needed for a relaxing trip, including some value-added bonuses.

Here are some homestays in Dandeli which won't drain your wallet and yet give you a big bang for your buck- 


Parampara Cottages

The jungle stay at Parampara Cottage is the best Dandeli homestay with activities, which is tucked away in the Dandeli forest, is an excellent place to spend your holidays. You've probably heard of jungle resorts, but if you haven't spent a few days there, then you most definitely deserve to stay at the Parampara wilderness jungle cottage. You will get direct buses from major cities like Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, Hubli, Karwar, Goa to reach Dandeli. Book Now

Location: Barchi - Ganeshgudi Road Haregali, village, Dandeli

Starting price: INR 3,500 per night



Amara Homestay

Dedicated to ensuring customer pleasure, a family in Dandeli nurtures the Amara Homestay. A tourist destination called Syntheri Rock is 3.5 kilometres away from the homestay. One of the best homestays in Dandeli is provided with some delectable home-cooked meals that are offered by the host family. The host organises thrilling adventure activities like bird watching, white river rafting, and jungle trekking. Book Now

Location: Near Syntheri Rock in Kali Tiger Reserve Area, Gund Village, PO: Gund

Starting price: INR 3,111 per night



Kadumane Homestay

The eco-friendly bungalows at the Kadumane Homestay in Dandeli are constructed of laterite stones. You must select this homestay if you hope to see some hornbills or recent animal pugmarks. The option for the visitors is a luxurious cottage or a tent. Kadumane Homestay is one of the most well-liked homestays in Dandeli because of the delicious food the staff there prepares. A visitor can also take pleasure in relaxing in a herbal bath, sipping herbal tea, and being led to a bird watching trail.

Location: Potoli village Pradhani Post

Starting price: INR 1,400 per night



River Wood Residency

River Wood Residency is one of the top-rated and highly suggested homestays in Dandeli, and it is situated close to the River Kali which makes it the best riverside homestay in dandeli. The accommodation includes a free breakfast. The host can make plans for a barbecue grill. During your visit, rising early in the morning can be a blessing because you might see hornbills in the nearby trees.

Location: Near Kali River, Joida Road, Indian Plywood Mill Colony

Starting price: INR 2,862 per night



White Elephant Cottages

One of the alluring homestays in Dandeli, White Elephant Cottages is a short 11 km from the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary and is surrounded by lush vegetation on all sides. The visitors can use the garden, balcony, and outdoor dining area. All meals are included in the stay.

Location: State Highway 46 Pradhani

Starting price: INR 1,500 per night



Exalt – Firdosh

In the eight-bedroom villas, there is accommodation for more than 16 people. One of the river view homestays in Dandeli, the property is located on the banks of the River Kali. The swimming pool is just adjacent to a garden. Homemade lunches are served to visitors at the venue. Even picking up food from the kitchen farm is an option. Exalt is unquestionably a location to take into consideration, whether you are a fan of the outdoors, seeking adventure, or simply searching for a place to reflect.

Location: Next to the Wildlife Sanctuary at the Banks of River Kali

Starting price: INR 2,400 per night



Madhuvan Homestay

More than 16 guests can stay in the 5 BHK homestay at once. Madhuvan Homestay is one of the greatest homestays in Dandeli and is situated amidst the evergreen forests around one mile from the jungle safari. The location is in the bush and offers only the most basic amenities at a low cost. The visitors have access to their shared kitchen. For improved connectivity, the host advises using a BSNL sim card. The hosts provide both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Consider this homestay if you're sick of the city and need an inexpensive place to stay in Dandeli.

Location: Virnoli village, Virnoli, Joida

Starting price: INR 750 per night



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Amara Homestay, Dandeli

from INR 1900

Dandeli is the ideal vacation destination for the nature lover. Dandeli wildlife sanctuary is a heady mix of nature, adventure activities and wildlife, located at Uttara Kannada district and Dandel